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Pro E-Commerce website add-on software

Pro E-Commerce

...no coding knowledge required, so why pay designers to update your website when you can edit it yourself with our easy to use, low cost CMS websites...

Affordable digital website
software upgrades

Low-cost creative advertising, design and web marketing agency based in North Devon.

Our Pro E-commerce add-on is an elegant and flexible base platform for eCommerce sites, with everything you'll need and nothing you don't.

What makes this so different from other e-Commerce solutions?

When our developers created this e-commerce solution, they spent a lot of time looking at what was already out there. What they found was that everything basically solved the problem with the same assumptions. Almost without exception, every solution assumes a category type view and a page detail type view. That's okay, it makes a lot of sense if you've got millions of products to sell, but it didn't feel very elegant or flexible.

When you're starting a brick and mortar store, you probably don't start thinking about the aisles. You think about products. What am I going to sell? How can I price, group, and display it in ways that make sense for my customers? You probably have a wide array of display tools, from glass counters to revolving racks, at your disposal to best show off your wares. That's what we worried about with our e-commerce solution. How do you build a really nice boutique, design centric store online? There's enough solutions for the likes of Wal*Mart already.

Most of the people we work with are medium and small businesses, budding entrepreneurs, etc. And their ideas and needs change from day to day. So the need to be able to quickly manage huge quantities of products is secondary to formatting, design, and flexibility.

Our developers created a Product Block that you can put anywhere you want in the site. Yes, it can be associated with one default page, and it can even create that page for you, but you're not forced to use it. You can place the Product Block anywhere you like, and change all sorts of formatting options around it to create different experiences. So now our designers are free to dream up websites that present your goods and services in any way they please, and without having to battle with the tech guys to hide irrelevant category and search interfaces.

Pro E-Commerce is a flexible building platform designed to manage design focused e-commerce sites. If you really care about how your eCommerce site looks and works for your customers, then this is a great solution for you.


Product Features:

  • Product block with extendable meta attributes & customer choices.
  • Product sets for grouping products (for organization, discounts, and more).
  • Customer choices on products can change the price of a product in any number of ways.
  • Multiple images for every product.
  • Flexible discounts, including free shipping, total-based and product-based.
  • A wide variety of payment gateways (can be connected) and custom shipping modules.
  • Product image hovers, callouts, overlays & enlargements.
  • Order history Integration with the built-in user profile.
  • Support any currency.
  • Tiered/volume pricing.
  • Price modifiers on custom attributes. 
  • Minimum order payment amount.
  • Checkout without being a user.
  • Extendable payment gateways.
  • Extendable order attributes. Track lots of different data about your customers.
  • Works with PayPal and Authorize.net out of the box.
  • Add users to multiple groups on specific purchases.
  • Product List block with powerful searching and formatting options. Sale/special pricing.
    • Recently viewed products.
    • Most popular products.
    • Specific searches.
    • Products under this page.
  • Catalog promotional pricing by percentage or fixed amount.
  • Flat rate shipping with base price and per item cost.
  • Sales tax: Specify products as taxable, and charge percentage of those products' value based on a particular country, state/province and postal code combination. Sales tax can also display during checkout without actually being charged. 
  • Basic Inventory Management: Automatically subtract in-stock quantities when an item is purchased, or shipped.
  • Order search and export.

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