RIP to Exact Match Domains for Google SEO

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Bad news in the short term for some, but good news for the web in the long run.

Breaking SEO news. Google intensify EMD (Exact Match Domains) update.

The latest trend being seen EMD SEO campaigns.

Businesses with Exact Match Domains (eg for a car retailer) are seeing fairly dramatic falls in their ranking. On the flip side, businesses with non exact match domains seeing good ranking improvements as Google further levels the playing field on descriptive domains and put more emphasis on content / high PR backlinks.

Although this is an annoying update for anyone with an exact match domain, we do welcome this change. It only seems fair when exact match domains are impossible to get hold of (unless you can afford to buy one on the resell market) that Google focuses more on what people have on their website and how relevant the general internet population feel it is with backlinks.

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